Why We Do It

Why Does NCSA Help Student Athletes?

The recruiting process can be complicated, frustrating and completely overwhelming. It takes hard work and dedication on and off the field or court to earn an athletic scholarship. So, why in the world does NCSA want to be involved?

The simple answer is that we don’t want to see high school athletes miss out on their dreams of playing sports in college. But there’s a lot more to it than that.

We believe strongly in Athleadership.

Athleadership empowers leaders through sports. Athleaders are student-athletes who maximize sports to get ahead and to give back to the community. They are individuals who use sports as a stepping stone to achieve lofty but attainable goals. We want to help develop athleaders.

Getting an athletic scholarship is an important first step in a college career.

College is a time for unbelievable personal growth, and the time spent in college greatly impacts the rest of our life. We want to help athletes find the right college, and make the experience as rewarding and positive as it can be.

A college degree is an amazing thing and everybody has a right to one.

We know the power of a college degree. We’re familiar with the success a degree can bring and the doors it can open. And we want to make sure that every college recruit that deserves an athletic scholarship gets one. We don’t want to see any student-athletes left behind simply because they didn’t know how the recruiting process worked.

We’ve All Been There Before

Most of the staff at NCSA participated in sports while in college. So we know exactly what college recruits are going through, because at one time most of us went through the process too. That gives us essential insight and the ability to empathize with each student-athlete we deal with. We are here to help.

NCSA founder Chris Krause started NCSA because of his own experience as a high school athlete. Krause was a standout linebacker in high school who received early interest from big name colleges. But by the time his senior year started he still didn’t have a scholarship. It was then that he realized that he was uninformed about how the recruiting process worked.

Through hard work and determination Krause eventually landed a football scholarship to Vanderbilt University. Krause started NCSA to use his experience to help guide others through the tough recruiting process.


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